Adsense Traffic Spike: 100 USD Earnings in a Day

I noticed a sudden increase in traffic in one of my sites which also gave me a spike on my Adsense earnings last week. This was a surprise on my end and I had to check what caused the boost.

It was a regular day doing my routine of checking my emails and stats of my websites when I found out the amount so far. I had to double-check if the figures I saw were true. It took a bit of time for it to sink in and accept that that the numbers were real.

100 Plus USD in a Day

The sudden increase made me earn my first 100 USD earnings in Adsense in one single day. Check out the cut-out below to see what I mean.

earnings spike
Adsense  earnings, great spike increase

For a moment, I got scared if there were some illegal activity being done on my Adsense account. Got me to worry if people were doing invalid clicks or click bombs on my ads. I can’t risk my Adsense from getting banned since this is now my major source of income in my 2 sites.

WordPress Stats Check

Upon checking Site Statistics on my Jetpack dashboard in WordPress, the traffic was indeed real. I had about 18,000 plus page views on my page during that day. I prefer checking WP-Stats since it’s more understandable for me though I understand that Google Analytics is a more in-depth tool for reporting.

wordpress traffic spike
Screenshot from WP Site Stats

I checked the top referrers so I can see where I got most my traffic and found out that most of the traffic came from Facebook.

wordpres referrals
Top Referral Links

Google Analytics Check

I also confirmed the traffic in Google Analytics and saw that indeed, the referrals came from FB.

site referrals
Google Analytic referrals

Facebook Check

During that day, I had about 10,000 plus Facebook Fans on the Page. Normally, I’d get about 30-50 Likes and 10-20 Shares depending on the blog post that I’d share from my site. If the topic is engaging, I’d get about 100 plus Likes, and about 30 plus Shares.

A question I had to ask myself. Which status update generated the Spike Referrals?
It turns out that it was because of very helpful information that could help other people advance their careers. It’s something that could potentially land the person a job after reading the article. Sharing that piece of information helped bring more traffic because of Organic Shares. Since the site is a community-based portal targetting a specific market, it helped a lot that the details posted was something readers could benefit from. Hence the increase of Shares and the traffic spike.

After a Week

It’s been more than a week now since I earned the 100 Plus in Adsense and after a few days, the traffic has slowed a bit. There are a couple of 100 dollars per day but it hasn’t reached as high as that anymore. I’m working on finding a strategy to keep the momentum up, but I want to make sure the website is not only about a specific topic only. It’s still important to have more variety in my blog posts to ensure that the website is not tied to that market alone.

But I’m happy that somehow I have gotten this far in Adsense. I remember the days when it took me 10 months to get my first 100 USD and in the last 7 years, I’ve been trying to crack the code. Somehow, I’m still in the process but I’m getting there.

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